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La vida en el bosque

El bosque es un lugar mágico lleno de vida y misterio. Es un ecosistema en el cual se encuentran una gran variedad de seres vivos, desde plantas hasta animales. Cada día, miles de especies interactúan entre sí, creando un equilibrio perfecto. En el bosque, los árboles son los verdaderos protagonistas. Son gigantes que alcanzan el […]

Our Secret Island Boat Tour Is Just for You

You’ve probably already seen our extra amenities and activities? There are a lot of them and you can enjoy any. But today we want to make a special accent on the Island boat tours. Remember a book about Robinson Crusoe? You have a chance to experience a piece of his life on your own!

Chill and Escape in Our Natural Shelters

Be a creator of your own rest on the beach or under the trees, be at ease and stay in the privacy of your own mind for a while. At our resort you will enjoy the beauty of the nature, delicious taste of palatable dishes and breath-taking view of amazing landscapes.